Jane completed a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2005 at the University of
Tasmania. She started her career as a psychologist in 2001 working for
Forensic Mental Health Services, both within the prison system and
community setting. During 2007, in addition to her work in the public sector,
Jane commenced private practice work in the area of clinical and forensic
psychology. In 2010, she co-founded “ForensiClinic”, a Clinical and Forensic
Psychology practice in Hobart, providing assessment and treatment services
for individuals within the forensic mental health system.

In 2012, Jane left the profession of psychology to pursue other career
interests, training as a Pilates Instructor working with a rehabilitative needs.
This piqued Jane’s interest in the psychological difficulties experienced by
individuals living with a chronic condition (both physical and mental health),
and the rehabilitation process they go through.

Jane recently renewed her AHPRA registration as psychologist and has
enjoyed stepping back into this role. She has particular interests in chronic
stress, anxiety, trauma and their links with chronic illness, fatigue and pain

In addition to her work as a psychologist, Jane continues to enjoy teaching
Pilates and staying active with her family.