Larissa is a Occupational Therapist, with a special focus on mental health treatment. She is also in the process of completing her Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Larissa has experience in a variety of adolescent, adult and older persons’ mental health settings, ranging from acute care to long term community services.

Larissa enjoys working with clients from a diverse range of ages and presentations, however she is particularly passionate about working with young people and their families, as she enjoys the creativity, flexibility and fun that can be had during this work.

Larissa has an interest in sensory processing and how this can be used to help regulate both our internal emotional state and our physiological bodies, to better enable us to engage with the people and our world around us in meaningful and purposeful ways.

Larissa has worked across various places within Australia but is excited to have finally made the move down to Tasmania, after many summers spent here, luxuriating in her passions of rock climbing, surfing and enjoying the beautiful outdoors lifestyle that Tasmania has to offer.