Information for Referrers

GP referrals
For treatment under initiatives funded either through Medicare or Primary Health Tasmania (STPI, previously ATAPS; limited to northern and eastern Tasmania), a GP referral and Mental Health Care Plan are required.
Referrals without a Mental Health Care Plan (and self-referrals) do not attract Medicare or STPI funding.
Referrals from other professionals
Clients may be eligible for STPI services upon referral from appropriately qualified professionals (e.g., mental health social workers, psychologists, child health nurses, obstetricians). Clients then have up to two weeks to arrange a GP referral
STPI (a federally funded initiative, commissioned by Primary Health Tasmania) is limited to clients in the following regions (and surrounds): Launceston, Scottsdale, George Town, and East Coast. Please check with our office if you would like more information.
Clients are asked to pay a session fee on the day of consultation (Medicare rebates, where applicable, will be processed on site).
Please speak ask to our admin team for the current fee schedule.
We do not charge any out-of-pocket costs under STPI (previously ATAPS).
Self-referrals are also accepted.
Clients seen under a self-referrals are asked to pay for their session on the day of consultation.
Clients should check their private health fund for rebate information.
Please contact us by phone, fax, or email if you wish to make a referral.


If you have any questions at all please feel welcome to send us a message and we will get in touch with you real soon.